Now and Then 5/2/17

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Tuesday 5pm-7pm, Miniatures Painting, 7pm-9pm, Learn & Play Marvel Legendary

Wednesday Warhammer 40K

Thursday Star Wars Day! Destiny, Armada, & Rebellion! 7pm-10pm Netrunner LCG, open board gaming

Friday 7pm-10pm, Magic: the Gathering casual play Commander format and dueling.

Saturday 10:30am-3pm (or later!) Open board gaming

Sunday Noon-5pm, Open board gaming


It was a wild week. The Arkham investigators solved the cultist mystery in Arkham, though at huge cost. Next week they will earn a rest at Carnivale!

On Saturday, we had International Tabletop Day, where people came and went all day, playing games from opening until late into the night. We wrapped up on Sunday with a D&D session to the heart of the Greenwood and a Magic Amonkhet Trial Of The Gods featuring booster drafting.

The Future

Always in motion the future is, hard it is to see. We’ve been on the go for a while now, and it doesn’t look like we’re slowing down soon. We’re hoping to capitalize on the success of International Tabletop day by ramping up our Saturday gaming schedule. We’ve got a new Star Wars Armada league forming and increasing interest in a Magic League. Our next D&D SideQuest will be Saturday May 13th. That’s the same day we’re running our first Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn event. Ask Andy if you’re interested in participating in any of that.


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