Now and Then 5/23/17

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Tuesday 5pm -7pm Paint & Craft, 7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Hero Realms

Wednesday 3pm-7pm Shadow Wars Armageddon, 7pm-10pm Arkham Horror LCG

Thursday 7pm-10pm Netrunner, Frostgrave, open board gaming

Friday 7pm-10pm Magic the Gathering Commander format, Twilight Imperium, open board gaming

Saturday 11am Game of the Week, 1pm Ashes: Rise Of the Phoenixborn, open board gaming all day

Sunday open board gaming, U.S. Civil War

Tonight we’re going to teach and play Hero Realms, it’s a lot of fun and we hope you’ll join us.

On Wednesday, we’ll be continuing our Arkham Horror Card Game league. After Carnivale turned out to be more trouble than it’s worth, our Arkham crew is going to go to Dunwich to investigate new horrors that have broken through into our plane of existence.

On Thursday, you can lead a small warband in a race to loot an ancient city of what treasures it has to offer. Small tactical game with a half dozen models or so on each side. You can watch the demo, and no doubt try your hand at a bit of raiding. Or you can explore, expand, exploit and exterminate outer space in Twilight Imperium, do a bit of hacking in the Android universe, or try one of our other 600+ games.

Friday will feature our usual Friday Night Magic shenanigans, whether you’re brand new or lugging around a suitcase full of cards, you’ll find a welcoming, casual, and fun environment. Doubtless there will also be a game or two of something else going on if that catches your fancy.

Saturday morning we’ll be teaching and playing our latest ‘game of the week.’ After that wraps up, we’re encouraging people to come in and try Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, a nifty card game with great art and very solid mechanics. We’re running our latest D&D SideQuest at 3pm, and, as usual, there will be other small games starting up all day.

Sunday is pretty much open and unscheduled right now, but we’re trying to bring back some old school war games. Come and see how we do.


Lots of things happened over the weekend. The D&D main campaign ran at capacity, Brad’s Modern Master free-ish draft happened, there was Clash Of Cultures and Sentinels Of The Multiverse, and I’m sure lots that I’m forgetting. Plus we got a successful 3D print done. It’s still a work in progress, and will take constant attention for a while, but we’re now ready to print figures, terrain, and tokens.

Brad’s draft had a bit of a miscommunication, in that it wasn’t clear from the announcement that players didn’t keep the cards from the draft. We’re very sorry about the confusion, and will be more explicit about that in the future. We did offer a level of prize support commensurate with the entries, and will be glad to do that in the future as well.

Speaking of which –

The Future

We’re keeping on with what we do. More Magic, more D&D, more Ashes (We’re planning on running the Stage 2 Ashes tournament in June sometime), more everything game, and gaming related. Watch this space!

Emboldened by our early 3D printing successes, John is going to see how the material paints up, and I’m going to be researching turning pictures into 3D models, so we can make custom cosplay figures for our members who’d like that sort of thing. In the shorter term, we hope to be producing tokens and simple models very, very soon!

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