Now and Then 5/9/17

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Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Miniatures painting 7pm-9pm Learn & Play Puerto Rico

Wednesday 4pm – 7pm, Warhammer 7pm – 10pm Open gaming and the Arkham Horror LCG crew will be taking a much needed break at Carnivale! I’m sure that will go well.

Thursday 7pm – 10pm Open gaming, Netrunner league. It’s possible that a game of Terminal Directive will start.

Friday 7pm – 10pm Magic The Gathering casual play Commander format and the odd bit of casual dueling; open gaming

Saturday 10:30am – 2pm Historical Miniatures; 11am – 3pm Board Game of the Week; 12pm Ashes: Rise Of The Phoenixborn tournament; 1pm – 3pm: D&D SideQuest

Sunday 1pm -5pm Magic The Gathering booster draft tournament; All day: open board gaming with an accent on wargaming.

Wow, Saturday is going to be a doozy! We haven’t had a schedule this ambitious since International Tabletop Day. Come see if we can actually pull it off.

Apparently, we’re the only place in Massachusetts to run an Ashes tournament, so there may be some new faces in the store come Saturday. If there is sufficient interest, we will make Ashes a regular thing. Check out the website:

Our D&D SideQuest will focus on a daring behind enemy lines rescue mission. But what is the mysterious link between the prisoner of war and one of our own heroes?


So it looks like Sunday Magic draft tournaments have become a thing – we’ve held a couple now, and will keep running them for as long as people like.  We’ll shake up which sets we draft with on a week to week basis. If there is sufficient interest, we will run a Modern Masters booster draft.

The Future

One of these Saturdays we plan to run a great, big Twilight Imperium game. Let Andy know if you’re interested in being part of it. A Netrunner Terminal Directive Campaign is also in the offing. Our next full session of D&D is Sunday May 21st. It will be a weird sort of session, but If you like your D&D weird (and who doesn’t?) it will be a great first session.

We’ve had our first very limited success with the 3D printer – we’ve managed to print a couple of truly awful bards. It’s still in beta, so it’s a work in progress, and Tom is getting to know technical support in the way only a beta-tester can. But we’re excited about the possibilities.

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  1. An earlier version of this post listed the start time for the 5/13/17 Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn at 1pm. 12pm is the correct time. Sorry for the error!

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