Now and Then 7/17/17

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Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Painting & Craft Night (Free), Advanced Squad Leader, 7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Fluxx

Wednesday: 5pm – 10pm Open table tops featuring Warhammer 40K, Shadow War: Armageddon; 7pm – 10pm Arkham Horror LCG

Thursday: 5pm – 9pm Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (young adventurers welcome) 7pm – 10pm Open gaming featuring a massive game of Cthulhu Wars! 7pm – 10pm Android Netrunner Casual League

Friday: 7pm – 10pm Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic casual team Commander format; Open Gaming All Day All Night

Saturday 11am – 2pm Game Of The Week

Sunday Android Netrunner Tournament, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition




Dozens of gamers took refuge from the heat and humidity in the comfort of our parlor. The Kingdom Death Monster league defeated its final monster (or perhaps became its final monster, details are vague). We filled two Dungeons & Dragons sessions to capacity and beyond. The Hour of Devastation came to Magic: the Gathering and the Pheonixborn fought each other in the Ashes.


The Future


We’re hoping to fill an 8 player game of Cthulhu Wars again this Thursday night, if you’re interested in conquering the world in the name of your favorite elder god, come on by. Our latest Android: Netrunner tournament is this Sunday, we’ve got some nice prize support from Fantasy Flight so bring your standard format decks and fight for the future. Sunday also features the next full session of our Dungeons & Dragons campaign so choose your battle!


Did we miss your favorite event? Let us know! Want to see something else on the schedule? Let us know!

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