Now and Then 8/1/17

Now And Then is the weekly blog of The Gaming Club At 3 Trolls Games And Puzzles
Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Painting & Craft Night (free), 7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Marvel Legendary
Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm Arkham Horror LCG
Thursday: 7pm – 10pm Open gaming, 7pm – 10pm Android Netrunner Casual League
Friday: 7pm – 10pm Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic casual team Commander format; Open Gaming All Day All Night
Saturday 11am – 2pm Game of the Week
Sunday Open Gaming from Noon to 5pm (or later!) featuring Warhammer 40k and Shadow War: Armageddon.
Unless noted otherwise events cost $5.00
We completed our latest expansion (really more of a shuffle) and got some much-needed gaming space added to the parlor. Come see all the changes and maybe set a spell.
We’re trying to fill another 8 player Cthulhu Wars game this Thursday, so if you’ve always wanted to summon your own personal Great Old One and conquer the world, this is your big chance.
We hit one of our super secret goals last week: We had at least one gaming event every single day of the week. We had board games, card games, dice games, miniature games, role-playing games, and more than a few bemused parents and spouses relaxing on the couch and marveling at all the fun.
The Future
Our next ongoing Dungeons & Dragons event is August 13th and we’ll be starting up a brand new Tuesday night campaign starting August 22nd. Drop us a line (or come on in to the store) if you’d like to know more.
Don’t miss our massive game day event on September 2nd. Andy’s 50th birthday is the excuse, but really we just want to play games all day.
Our next Android: Netrunner event is September 10th
Interest is building for a second Star Wars Armada league if you’re interested in crushing the Rebel threat (or maybe saving the galaxy) let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the organizers.
We’ve had a few requests to start a chess league. Is this the sort of thing you’d be interested in? Let us know. Did we miss your favorite event? Let us know! Want to see something else on the schedule? Let us know! Love everything we’re doing and don’t want us to change a thing? Again, let us know.

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  1. In the original post, we incorrectly listed the date of the next Netrunner tournament as September 11th. That listed has been corrected to September 10th. Sorry for any confusion.

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