Now and Then 8/15/17

Now And Then is the weekly blog of The Gaming Club At 3 Trolls Games And Puzzles


Tuesday (tonight!) 5pm – 7pm Painting & Craft Night (Free), 7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Ticket to Ride; 7pm – 9pm Storm Kings D&D character generation

Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm Living Card Game Night Featuring Arkham Horror LCG

Thursday: 5pm – 6pm Social Hour – come and hang out, play short games and grab food, the serious gaming starts soon; 7pm – 10pm Open gaming featuring a massive game of Cthulhu Wars! 7pm – 10pm Android Netrunner Casual League

Friday: 7pm – 10pm Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic casual team Commander format; Open Gaming All Day All Night

Saturday 11am – 2pm Game Of The Week

Sunday Android Netrunner Tournament, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition



We had people playing casual and continuing games in the parlor every day of the week (yay!). We’re incredibly happy with the diversity of age, gender, lifestyle, and favorite game that we’re seeing among the parlor membership. We’re trying to have something for everyone!


The Future

There’s a brand new version of Twilight Imperium coming! If you’re interested in pre-ordering a copy, talk to a Troll!

Due to the incredible demand, we’re starting up a second Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Storm Kings! It’s full already, if you missed your chance, it might not be too late! Talk to a Troll and if there’s enough interest (still?) we’ll open up a second session of Storm Kings.

We’re running a Smash Up! Event Saturday September 9th at Noon. See more details coming soon!

We’re hoping to once again fill an 8 player game of Cthulhu Wars this Thursday night, if you’re interested in conquering the world in the name of your favorite elder god, come on by. Our latest Android: Netrunner tournament will be Sunday September 10th,

Did we miss your favorite event? Let us know! Want to see something else on the schedule? Let us know!

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