Now and Then 9/19/17

Now And Then is the weekly blog of The Gaming Club At 3 Trolls Games And Puzzles


Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Painting & Craft Night, 7pm – 10pm Storm Kings D&D (Closed event),
7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Marvel Legendary

Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm Living Card Game Night Featuring Lord of the Rings LCG. 7pm – 9pm D&D Side Quest

Thursday: 5pm – 6pm Social Hour – come and hang out, play short games and grab food, the serious gaming starts soon; 7pm – 10pm Open gaming 7pm – 10pm, Android Netrunner Casual League

Friday: 6pm – 10pm Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic casual team Commander format; Open Gaming All Day All Night

Saturday 11am – 2pm Game Of The Week, 12pm – 4pm Magic the Gathering Ixalan Prerelease

Sunday 1pm – 5pm Magic the Gathering Ixalan Prerelease
Prereleases $27.99
Painting and Craft Free

All other events are $5.00 or free for monthly members


On Tuesday we had painters a painting and settlers a settling in Catan. Wednesday night a full team of four moderately insane investigators delved deeper into the mysteries and horrors of Dunwhich in the Arkham Horrror LCG. Thursday was a gamers zoo with a D&D SideQuest, Cthulhu Wars, Android Netrunner and yet more. Friday Night Magic started its new official start time of 6pm and still ran past 10pm so don’t worry if you can’t show up until later. Both Andy and Tom were out of town on Saturday and Sunday so we have no idea what happened.

The Future

We’re having a full weekend-long gaming event for Tom’s birthday! September 29th through October 1st there will be plenty of food, drink and pretty much non-stop gaming. And it’s all going to be free! There is more-than-idle talk of a 8 player game of Advanced Civilization. Let us know if you want to be a part of that action!

There are brand new versions of Twilight Imperium and Legend of the Five Rings coming! If you’re interested in pre-ordering any copies, talk to a Troll.

Andy and Tom are slightly ga-ga over a role-playing game called Blades in the Dark. If Leverage-style criminal capers set in a steampunk fantasy urban sprawl sound like your cup of rpg, ask us about it!

Did we miss your favorite event? Let us know! Want to see something else on the schedule? Let us know!

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