Now and Then 9/4/17

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Special Andy’s 50th Birthday Edition


Tuesday 5pm – 7pm Painting & Craft Night (Free), 7pm – 10pm Storm Kings D&D, 7pm – 9pm Learn & Play Formula De ($5.00 parlor fee) This time for sure?

Wednesday: 7pm – 10pm Living Card Game Night Featuring Lord of the RIngs LCG. 7pm – 9pm D&D Side Quest

Thursday: 5pm – 6pm Social Hour – come and hang out, play short games and grab food, the serious gaming starts soon; 7pm – 10pm Open gaming 7pm – 10pm, Android Netrunner Casual League

Friday: 6pm – 10pm Magic: The Gathering Friday Night Magic casual team Commander format; Open Gaming All Day All Night

Saturday 11am – 2pm Game Of The Week, 12pm – 3pm Smash Up All-Stars!

Sunday 10am – 5pm Advanced Squad Leader, 1pm – 4pm Android: Netrunner Tournament


What can I say? Thank you one and all for making this past week one of the best in the store’s history. Also in my history. Did I say thank you yet? On Saturday more than fifty of 3 Troll’s finest customers and friends came to celebrate my also being more than fifty.

We played a lot of games! Rail Baron, Terraforming Mars (a lot), Tortuga 1667, Scythe, Catan, Spirit Island, Mystic Vale, Elder Sign, Ticket to Ride, Battle Sheep, Fluxx Batman, Boss Monster, and a whole lot of Legendary Marvel (more on that last one in a bit). We finally wrapped things up around 2am the next morning. It was awesome.

Some other stuff happened this week. On Tuesday we had a moderate-sized posse of painters and Marty taught all comers how to play Masters of Orion the Board Game. Wednesday night two brave and only slightly insane investigators faced the Arkham Horrror LCG. Thursday 7 elder gods fought over ownership of Pluto in Cthulhu Wars (and we had room for one more!) hackers and corps dueled in Android: Netrunner and some other stuff happened too, but I scooted out early that night and I don’t know what happened. I’m sure it was fun. Friday Night Magic keeps getting bigger and earlier. We’re not fighting anymore. You win. Friday Night Magic at the Trolls officially starts at 6pm (since that’s when most of you have been showing up anyway). Don’t worry if you can’t show up until later, the games last all night. Saturday we had a gaming party. Did I say thank you yet? Sunday was pretty quiet but I still managed to play a game of Marvel Munchkin.

Before we move on to the future, I really do want to take yet another moment to thank some specific people. Clint, Derek, Mike, Steph, Ransom, Lisa, Nick, Nic, Alex, Stacey, Big Jim, Tall Mike, Thomas, Aaron, Charles, Sheena, John, Pete, Bruce, Thorn, Chris, Paul, Elenore, and a special (no really) thank you to Steve and Britt. You guys all amaze me.

The Future

Did you enjoy our massive tabletop day on Saturday? Did you miss it? Either way we’ve got you covered. Tom’s birthday is coming up fast and he’s not one to be outdone. Tom’s event will be September 29th through October 1st all weekend long. There will be pretty much non-stop gaming Friday through Sunday with scheduled events being announced as we learn about them. This is going to be big. There will be plenty of food and drink and non-stop gaming. And it’s all going to be free! Tom himself will run a session of Blades in the Dark, the role playing game that combines High Fantasy, Leverage, Ocean’s Eleven and the Renaissance.

Our first major Smash Up event is scheduled for Saturday September 9th at Noon. We’ll be giving away copies of the All-Stars (only available at participating venues!) expansion and generally smashing things up.

Our first non-standard Android: Netrunner event is set for September 10th. Decks can only be made using the two rotating cycles, Genesis and Spin, and the big boxes (but not including Terminal Directive). The Most Wanted List is NOT IN EFFECT but errata will be used.

There are brand new versions of Twilight Imperium and Legend of the Five Rings coming! If you’re interested in pre-ordering any copies, talk to a Troll!

Did we miss your favorite event? Let us know! Want to see something else on the schedule? Let us know!

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