In Store Gaming

Our game parlor is open whenever we are. For just $5.00 you get an all-day pass and full access to our ever-growing library of games. Monthly memberships are $25.00 and you can get an annual membership for just $250.00

Come by any time and play whatever you’d like. Bring a friend (or two, or three… ) and play a game (or two, or three…).  We’ve got beverages and snacks for sale and more substantial food is available nearby.  Right now, Thursdays from 7pm to close is the most popular time to show up and your best chance to find someone new to play a game with. In addition to that, we have a few regularly scheduled events with more to come.

See our page at!

Tuesday 5pm to 8pm – Painting Night

Wednesday 7pm to 10pm Living Card Game Night

Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm – Learn & Play Game of the Week

Thursday 7pm to 10pm – Open Tabletops for Board and Card Games

Friday 7pm to 9pm – Friday Night Magic and Open Gaming

Saturday 11am to 3pm – Tabletop Gaming

Sunday 1pm – 5pm – Open Gaming

Leave a comment or drop us a message to find out more. Or just show up.